Cody Phillips is an artist who started developing himself at a very young age. Cody credits his grandmother for his artistic ability. Cody says she was a “fantastic” oil painter and she inspired him to pursue a career in art. “My style has evolved over the years but has generally stayed in a cartoony style sometimes funny and others a darker side,” says Cody. According to the artist himself, he always excelled in art while in school, even if he didn’t excel in any other areas of school. His talent led him to the decision to attend the Art Institute of Dallas where he would further sharpen his skills and graduate in 1999. But as an artist, Cody has no problem venturing outside of the regular boundaries of painting on canvas. He says, “I enjoy customizing DIY vinyl toys from Kidrobot, Jamungo blanks, and most recently finished a piece on a circus punk canvas blank.”

Cody pulls inspiration and has influences from many different genres of art. From the creator of the Spawn figures and comics he once collected, Todd McFarlane, to the artists of the streets.  “I also was intrigued by the style and process of creating street art such as graffiti,” Cody says. Pulling from all these diverse artists from different backgrounds, gives Cody’s art many different layers and dimensions which allows him to flow fluently from one style to the next. Currently, Cody uses his talent to make a living serving as a Sr. Art Director. Recently, Cody made to the decision to share his artwork by putting it art galleries in DFW,  Illinois, and California. In the past year, his art has been featured in galleries from the F6 Gallery to Dallas Nomad exhibits. Just like his style is not to be limited, Cody refuses to limit himself in his endeavors as well. Cody is involved with designing for lines such as Addicted to Art, Urban Testament and he recently designed the one year anniversary t-shirt for In the coming months, Cody will have his art on display in a number of venues around DFW.

Cody Phillips has come a long way from observing his grandmother as an oil painter. He has grown to take his passion from being a hobby, to being his career. Neither limited in his artwork nor in his projects, Cody is an artist who knows no boundaries. Mr. Phillips is a good guy doing great things.  Keep your eye out for the man!